Kushner & Associates Destination ManagementThe key to a successful event or meeting transportation system is comprehensive advance planning and experienced on-site management. Kushner & Associates has been producing complex transportation systems since 1969 and has developed proprietary methods of planning and operations with proven success. From detailed budgeting to custom-designed shuttle scheduling software to our knowledgeable on-site supervisors, we guarantee that your transportation system will run at 100% efficiency.

Our formula for success is based on experience from operating shuttles of all sizes nationwide. We maintain accurate and complete records during all shuttle operations for future reference. The success of any shuttle is in the balance of its design. We take many factors into consideration, such as room blocks and actual pick up, desired frequency of service, distance from the event site, bus turn around time, and daily traffic patterns. All of these factors are carefully examined and combined with our practical experience to provide you with a successful shuttle system.

Our biggest strength is our flexibility and we look forward to speaking so that we can custom design a private transportation system for your convention or meeting that meets your needs, preferences and budget.


  • Nationwide Shuttles
  • VIP & Aiport Transport
  • Advertising
Kushner & Associates nationwide shuttle service provides you with specific benefits:
  • Kushner & Associates becomes part of your on-site management staff, yet provides complete and independent management of the shuttle
  • A hassle-free shuttle that allows you to spend time on your priorities related to convention management.
  • Total budget management with no extra or hidden costs
  • Flexible on-site management
  • Shuttle questions are handled by our staff
  • You get only the compliments!
Our shuttle systems are custom-designed with your organization’s needs in mind. We examine your housing package, event schedule, desired frequency of service, distance from the event site, travel times, and daily traffic patterns in order to design a shuttle that meets your preferences and budget.
Customized Service
Kushner & Associates will professionally coordinate all transportation needs for your program. We can provide individual arrival and departure transfers for your VIPs or group transfers based on your manifest. The key to smooth operation of airport transportation is organization, communication, flexibility, experience and professionalism.
One of our full time Program Managers will stay in constant contact to ensure that we have the correct flight information. As the program begins, your Program Manager is available to you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to handle changes, etc.
We can adjust arrival and departure information as it changes. We also print updates at a moment’s notice. No matter how well we plan, flights are delayed due to weather and other circumstances. We stand ready, anticipate those changes, and respond!
All guests will be met in baggage claim (or outside customs for International arrivals) by an uniformed professional Kushner & Associates meet-and-greet staff or driver. Guests will be met with a sign and assisted to locate luggage and then directed to a vehicle waiting to transport them directly to the hotel. On departure day your professional escorts will be stationed at the hotel to assist guests in the same courteous and efficient manner.
We have been meeting flights in airports around the country since 1969. Our detailed records on performance with each group have allowed us to deliver the most efficient and cost effective transportation systems around.

Pay for your shuttle in its entirety or defray some of the cost by allowing Kushner & Associates to sell shuttle advertisements/sponsorships. Kushner & Associates can sell the package directly to your organization for re-sell to advertisers/sponsors or we can market directly to your potential advertisers/sponsors.

Graphic Type



Full Wrap Full height on both sides, rear and front
Half Wrap Below windows on both sides, half of rear
King Kong Full height between wheel wells
Queen Kong Below windows between wheel wells
Window Perfs
Double or single sided

Top of window to bottom of window
Full Ribbon
2' tall x 39' long
Below windows and above cargo doors
Partial Ribbon
2' long x 20' long
Below windows and above cargo doors
Rear Banner
Available as add-on, not sold separately
2' tall x 8' wide

We are your one-stop solution to complete event management. Kushner & Associates will handle all details of your program including writing production schedules, and providing on-site management throughout your special event. This will allow you to focus on your executives and other VIPs on the night of the event. We carefully work with planners to develop a unique event that meets their needs, preferences and budget.

  • Site management and budgeting: We can suggest indoor and outdoor venues with complete cost estimates. You will never find hidden or “surprise” costs in a K&A event.
  • Food and beverage: We have a network of hundreds of the best caterers in the country. We can also create exciting events featuring “celebrity” chefs.
  • Theme decorations: Enjoy the widest selection of quality props and decor including 3-dimensional pieces, specialty furniture, quality linen and florals.
  • Entertainment: Bands, DJs, dancers, celebrity look-a-likes, magicians, comedy troops, Broadway-style plays, and other specialty performers.
  • Audio Visual: From simple single speaker set ups to complex productions, we will professionally coordinate all of your needs.
  • Lighting: Our dedicated team of lighting professionals will provide superb lighting schemes at reasonable prices.
  • Rentals: We will handle all of your rental needs from a few tables and chairs to an elaborate tent set up with specialty china and silverware.


Kushner & Associations operating cities

Kushner & Associates was founded in 1969 by Linda Kushner. Susan Kushner has been the President and CEO since 1986.

We are a full service transportation management company experienced in the total management of shuttle transport programs. We can handle your convention transportation needs. We are noted for our attention to detail, creativity and flexibility. Our solid reputation for service with style and strong relationships with suppliers knowing their specialties.

Our office is completely automated with state of the art hardware, software, and SMART Phones. This system allows us to go on-site and have full access to all of our inter-office resources including multi-user databases and custom designed shuttle scheduling software. We can adjust schedules, instructions, signs, etc. as necessary to ensure that your program runs at 100% efficiency.

Our philosophy and commitment to success allows us to sell what can be done. We would like to take this opportunity to say that our methods of operation have repeatedly proven to be successful for complex, multi-faceted programs such as yours. More than 75% of our business is repeat business. We earn the respect of our clients and they come back year after year.

Kushner & Associates is very conscientious of the environmental impact of bus transportation and is at the forefront of the “greening” of the charter transportation industry by:

  • Designing the most efficient transportation systems possible with the fewest number of motor coaches traveling the least distances possible to meet our client’s transportation needs.
  • Utilizing motor coaches equipped with EPA 07 engines that produce 55% less nitrogen oxide (NOx) and 90% less particulate matter (soot and ash) than previous models. The combination of EPA 07 engines and utilization of ultra-low sulfur fuel makes motor coaches part of the energy solution.
  • Utilizing motor coaches with 12 speed transmissions that increase fuel mileage by as much as 2 miles per gallon. Utilizing motor coaches with tires that decease vehicle weight and lowers rolling resistance thereby increasing fuel conservation.
  • Utilizing motor coaches, where available, that are engineered with vertical exhaust systems that further reduce emissions and increase fuel conservation.
  • Training drivers to reduce idling and use of A/C whenever feasible and practical to conserve fuel and reduce emissions.
  • Recycling paper, plastic, ink cartridges, etc. in our office as well as using green chemicals to clean our offices.

Encouraging our partner bus companies to recycle their paper, plastic, ink cartridges, wastewater from wash racks, engine oil, etc. Our bus company partners also use green cleaning chemicals in their offices as well as in the motor coaches. Some of our partners go the extra mile and use the recycled engine oil to heat their offices. Using caterers that work with local growers, businesses, etc. to reduce fuel and emissions used to import food. There are also some great new recyclable plates, flatware and cups on the market. Purchasing Carbon Off-Sets to reduce your overall carbon footprint.

Kushner and Associates is a Recipient Organization of Green Ride Global's (GRG) Green Preferred Supplier List (GPSL). We understand the importance of environmental sustainability as it relates to ground transportation.

All Platinum GRG/GPSL companies can provide event or trip specific supply chain emissions reports. These reports enhance Kushner and Associates' ability to prove that our ground transportation partners are operating inside the highest level environmental sustainability programming possible

Client Testimonials

With you taking care of shuttles we know we never have to worry about the transportation service portion of our conference. —2010 convention with 14, 000 attendees

You and your team exemplify strong leadership and commitment. You truly go above the call of duty and step in to help out whenever needed. -- 2009 scientific meeting with 12,000 attendees

With all of the provided services running flawlessly and your constantly staying in contact with us onsite, you truly did an above and beyond job! -- 2009 scientific meeting with 5,000 attendees

We especially appreciate all the pre-planning work you do to keep our costs manageable. --2009 scientific meeting with 30,000 attendees

Your assistance with our shuttle buses was amazing! Your pre-planning efforts really helped to move our attendees through incredibly fast, it was impressive! To quote one of our attendees, you were "Disney-esq" in your efficiency. You guys really rock! -- 2008 trade show with 22,000 attendees

What a phenomenal job you and your team did to help make the 2008 Annual Meeting & Exposition the success it was! From the moment we connected, I KNEW that this was going to be a partnership that remains intact for a long time. As you know and I've said it over and over – I loved your proposal from the start and...I knew Kushner was the choice! -- 2008 trade meeting with 5,000 attendees

Your services not only met but exceeded both our expectations and those of our participants. The comments on the buses and the staff have been outstanding! -- 2008 trade meeting with 5,000 attendees

Your flexibility and commitment exceeded our expectations – your friendship priceless. -- 2008 scientific meeting with 30,000 attendees

The service you provided from pre-planning to on-site is exactly why our shuttle service ran so smoothly. -- 2008 convention with 14,000 attendees

Thank you so much for making our shuttles run like "clock-work" again this year! Your attention to detail and proactive approach made the bussing program virtually hassle-free. -- 2007 convention with 20,000 attendees

The entire Kushner team really rose to meet the challenges we faced this year. The Meeting was extremely well planned and well executed in every detail. --2007 scientific meeting with 30,000 attendees

I really appreciate all the assistance throughout the year helping us to create a hotel block from which we can do a cost-effective shuttle. -- 2005 scientific meeting with 25,000 attendees

Your expertise and extensive knowledge make you an invaluable asset to our meeting. We especially appreciate all the pre-planning work you do to keep our costs manageable and to ensure the shuttle sponsors are happy. -- 2005 scientific meeting with 30,000 attendees

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